Your partner in infection control since 1998

Founded in 1998, PROFILÁTICA offers innovative solutions to healthcare institutions in biosafety and infection control. The factory facility located in Araucária (PR), Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, produces the latest generation of chemical solutions and systems for generating ready-to-use products.

Focused on research and development of innovative products, PROFILÁTICA offers high performance products and equipment with safety, practicality and precision in cleaning and disinfection processes. In 2020, it becomes a part of the DSS Group.

PROFILÁTICA offers the best solutions in biosafety and infection control to the Brazilian and international market.


Offering effective solutions in biosafety and control of infection with ethics, sustainability and innovation.


To be considered a standard enterprise in innovation for solutions in biosafety and infection control.


Ecological, technological and financial sustainability aligned with ethics, confidence and credibility.


Promote continuously and disseminate solutions in infection control and biosafety, focusing on customer satisfaction, through the supply of products and services committed to continuous improvement and meeting the applicable legal requirements.